Candle Care


All candles have been made with much care and attention to detail.  Place your candle in a position visable for you to see and admire.  Best not placed in direct sunlight so that is does not get spoilt and go out of shape!  They have been dipped in a glossy protective glaze so a gentle dust is all that is need to keep your candle looking as new..



Lighting Your Wick Candle


Light your candle for 15 minutes for the first few times.  It will then make a well and will burn down the centre..



Candle Safety


Always be careful with any burning candle.  Always burn on a heat resistant surface. Do not touch candle when burning or hot  Never leave candles unattended.  Always keep candles away from children and pets..Keep away from draughts and materials that could catch fire!

Extinguishing Your Candle


Extinguish your candle with a candle snuffer.  Blowing out candles can sometimes cause a small spray of wax!.



Lighting your Oil Burning Candle


Gently take out the plastic cap at the top by holding the bottom of the cap and NOT the glass tube.  Do not remove the glass tube as this protects the wick.

Fill the centre tube with indoor lamp oil.  Wait for a few minutes for the oil to soak up through the wick system and the light the top.  You do not need to adjust or replace the wick.